Thank you for supporting our Advanced Healing Elixir Launch! To show our appreciation, we have decided to extended the National Day Promotion. Don't forget to grab our latest Advanced Healing Elixir in the $156 Promotional Bundles if you missed the Buy 2 Get 1 Free Launch promotion!

To celebrate this national day, we used names which makes us uniquely Singaporean. This inspired us to add Singlish in our bundles which every Singaporean, young or old can relate to!

Definition: A beautiful girl.
Example: "I wish my skin is as smooth as this chiobu."

Definition: To convey feelings of great satisfaction or pleasure
Example: "Wah, this Advanced Healing Elixir so shiok on my skin! Smooth like butter!"

Definition: A competitive spirit or fear of losing.
Example: "She camped for the Advanced Healing Elixir before it even launched. So kiasu!"

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