Do these bundle names sound familiar to you?

Yes! They are inspired by our National Day songs! National day is just around the corner and we can't wait to celebrate our national spirit. We are also extending 10% off these August exclusive bundles in commemoration of National Day.

In celebration of Advanced Healing Elixir's first anniversary, we have included this award winning product in all our August exclusive bundles!  

"Reach out for the Glow"

NOW: $151.70 (UP: $168.50)

Inspired by "Reach out for the Sky", this bundle is here to maximise your glow throughout the month! Hydrate, liven up dull skin tones and strengthen your skin’s defence against environmental stressors today! Taking care of your skin with along each step of your skincare regime, this comprehensive bundle consists of a mask, serum and bundle for a complete day and night routine.

"Glow at First Sight"

NOW: $141.30 (UP: $157)

This bundle keeps your skin hydrated and supple around the clock. Providing you with all your skincare essentials for a minimalist skincare routine. Simply mist away and seal in the moisture with either of our elixirs. Tailored for Singapore's climate and sensitive skin, this bundle will leave you with a dewy glowing complexion. 

"The Glow Ahead"

NOW: $152.80 (UP: $169.70)

Consisting of our latest product, the 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask, rejuvenate your troubled skin and get your glow back on! Detox and plump your skin with moisture with our all-time #1 Best Seller - Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser and award wining Advanced Healing Elixir.