Natural Essentials Kit

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What's Inside:
•  Healing Elixir (50ml)
•  H20 Jelly Mask (5 pieces*16ml)

Healing Elixir: Nourish your sensitive skin with our Healing Elixir, a refreshing and cooling gel moisturizer packed with a powerhouse of nutrients. Amino acids, soothing aloe vera, and chamomile extract come together to instantly quench your skin's thirst and soothe any irritation. Give your skin the care it craves, especially during the festive season. Read More

H20 Jelly Mask: The H20 Jelly Mask is clear and has a smooth, gelatinous texture- the result of a rich, proprietary blend of Aloe Vera, Acerola Cherry, and Carrageenan, a natural ingredient extracted from red seaweed (and a food grade ingredient commonly found in Jello- yes, Jello!). Infused with ingredients that have diverse properties, such as anti-oxidizing and boosting collagen production, this ultra-moisturizing mask releases its lush essence upon contact with skin temperature, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and soft! 

*If you fancy a quick body moisturiser, simply melt the used mask into a warm bath or water at about 60 degC, and apply the essence all over your body.