Glowfully Starter Kit

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 ✨ Back by popular demand! 15% OFF Glowfully Starter Kit – Unwrap Radiance This CNY! ✨ 

Transform your skincare routine into a radiant experience with our Glowfully Starter Kit – a trio of skincare essentials that promise to elevate your glow game to new heights. Dive into the joyous spirit with these three carefully curated products that will leave your skin feeling pampered, hydrated, and irresistibly luscious.

🎁 What's Inside:
•   Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser (100ml)
•   Healing Elixir (50ml)
•   Glow & Tint Lip Treatment 01 Glazed (3.5g)

Why You'll Love It:
Effortlessly radiant skin with our detoxifying cleanser

 Nourish and soothe sensitive skin with our cooling gel moisturizer

• Intensively hydrating lip treatment for luscious lips and a radiant finish

• Perfect gift for yourself or a loved one – because everyone deserves a glow-up this holiday season!

🌟 Unwrap the Glowfully Starter Kit and let your radiant transformation begin! 🌈✨

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🌚 Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser: Start your journey to radiant skin with our Charcoal Beads Gel Cleanser, a gentle detox for your face. Let the power of charcoal act as a magnet, drawing out pore-clogging impurities without stripping away essential moisture. Infused with the soothing scent of Geranium essential oil, this cleanser provides a mini spa experience with every use. Free of Paraben, Phthalate, and Formaldehyde – because your skin deserves the purest care. Read More


💦 Healing Elixir: Nourish your sensitive skin with our Healing Elixir, a refreshing and cooling gel moisturizer packed with a powerhouse of nutrients. Amino acids, soothing aloe vera, and chamomile extract come together to instantly quench your skin's thirst and soothe any irritation. Give your skin the care it craves, especially during the festive season. Read More


💄 Glow & Tint Lip Treatment 01 Glazed: Complete your radiant look with our Glow & Tint Lip Treatment in the enchanting shade 01 Glazed. This daily nourishing balm, formulated with Shea Butter and other nourishing ingredients, transforms dry lips into luscious, plump perfection. Each swipe embellishes your lips with intense hydration to revive dry chapped lips. Packed with powerful antioxidants and SPF 15, consider it an additional barrier of protection for your lips. Read More