7 most important skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy

7 most important skincare ingredients to avoid during pregnancy


The entire process of being pregnant and the pregnancy itself is considered as the most unique and sort of magical time for women. Bringing a healthy child into the world is not an easy thing, especially considering the climate change, pollution and the stress of everyday life. However, although all those things might be a bit far out of our reach, there are lots of things that depend only on the pregnant mothers-to-be. Those things involve avoiding a list of skincare ingredients that absorb through the skin and might potentially harm the baby. Take a look of the most important 7 ingredients that should be avoided during the entire time of pregnancy:


Parabens are the number one ingredient that pregnant women should stay away from. They are chemicals that are used to preserve products and they can be found in a wide range of many makeup and beauty products - from foundations to hair styling gel. This particular ingredient is connected to breast cancer and affects the reproductive system.


Similar to the parabens, phthalates are also part of many beauty products and their main purpose is to make the formula more stable. So, any ingredients that end with the word – phthalate should be avoided and their harmful results are linked to the reproductive system, as well as liver, kidney, and lung health issues.  


Retinoids come as the main ingredient in almost all anti-aging creams, masks and serums, as well as in anti-acne products. This ingredient is known to have harmful effects as birth defects for the developing unborn babies. The contraindications of the use of this ingredient are affecting the pregnancy so it is best to completely avoid them during pregnancy.

Benzoyl Peroxide

Know as an efficient acne solution, this ingredient is so powerful that it can harm the baby. It possesses a risk for the fetus so using products with this ingredient should be completely avoided.


Some nail polishes and hair treatments do involve a pretty large quantity of this ingredient that has not only side effect during pregnancy but can also lead to many nervous system issues.


Some fragrances are a mixture of many ingredients like parabens, benzene derivates and many more that together, as a sum, have a harmful influence on the baby and the pregnancy. As fragrance is usually listed as a single ingredient, the actual formulation of the fragrance is unknown. 

Chemical sunscreens

The chemical filter in the sunscreens like oxybenzone and avobenzone are considered as health disruptors that transfer onto the baby. That is why only natural sunscreens and physical blockers like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are the best and the safest sunscreen options. 

So, to be on the safe side, it is highly recommended for the pregnant women to thoroughly read the ingredients list at the back of each product and to look for more natural and organic versions of their favorite makeup and beauty products.


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