Our Story

I am thankful that I often received nice compliments about my skin condition. Everyone had probably assumed that I was born with good genes but contrary to all these beliefs, I had the most sensitive and acne-prone skin in my family. I had been battling eczema since I was an infant and by the time I reached my teenage years, acne hit me and had never broke up with me since.


After many years of trying in vain with whatever off-the-shelf products that promised to deliver, I decided to go back to basics – that is, keeping to a simple skincare regime and staying away from food that would trigger my eczema to develop. Things got better but whenever I deviated from the rules, my acne or eczema would return, reminding me to stay back on track.

Thus my philosophy towards skincare is to first feel and listen to what your skin tells you.

My no. 1 rule for good skincare – Always cleanse and hydrate your skin well.

photo credit : @allafluttersg

Glowfully was started in 2018 at a time when I was researching on what ingredients to avoid as I was caring for my mum who was undergoing chemotherapy for her breast cancer. I wanted her to only use products that are beneficial to her. It struck me that we might have been applying a lot of controversial ingredients that could be toxic to our skin when used daily. I was determined to create a brand that resonated with my belief that skincare could be simple and effective.

Glowfully products are formulated without Paraben, Phthalates, Sulfates and Formadelhyde.

Besides creating clean beauty products, Glowfully also hope to have formulations that would cater specially to our hot and humid environment. Thus when we formulate the Glowfully products, we always made sure that the products are nourishing yet not too rich or overpowering for daily use in our climatic conditions.


With love,