5 Tips To Cleanse Like A Pro

5 Tips To Cleanse Like A Pro

Have you ever wondered what makes a woman feel beautiful? If your answer is makeup, then maybe you need to reconsider. Every woman loves to be pretty, but the truth is that beauty comes from within and when we are totally bare-faced at the comfort of our own home. Who doesn’t love to wake up with a clear, blemish-free complexion?


Although we can’t achieve gorgeous, smooth skin that glows without any effort, there are a few trusted ways to make it happen. The best way? It all begins with a great cleansing of course. But how should we cleanse? And which are the things that can be used in order to achieve the best results?


Here are 5 tips that we can incorporate in our daily routine and see our skin transforming in a couple of days.


High-Quality Ingredients


High-quality ingredients in our skincare products are essential in order to avoid break-outs and flare up of the skin. Whether we have sensitive skin or not, good, effective ingredients can really make a difference in comparison with products with harsh ingredients. Skincare is like food for our skin; we can’t expect junk food to work, don’t we?


Always Remove Makeup


A definite must for baby looking skin is to remove our makeup every time we wear foundation, BB or CC creams and everything else we have put on our face. Especially before going to bed at night. No matter how busy our schedule can be, we have to remove all of our makeup with a cleanser that actually works.


Deep Cleanse/ Double Cleanse


The following step after the makeup removal, is a second cleanse using the same cleanser, or a different one depending on our preferences. The purpose of this tip is to clear your skin from any makeup residue that is left behind and let the ingredients of the cleanser penetrate a bit deeper resulting in a smooth complexion without clogged pores. A good, gentle cleanser like our Glowfully Charcoal Gel Cleanser containing encapsulated charcoal powder for subtle detoxification is a perfect choice.






The ideal way to cleanse


Massaging carefully our face using circular motions while cleansing, is a tactic that boosts the blood circulation as well as the collagen production. The outcome? Healthy, youthful looking skin that glows naturally and feels plumped. The secret is to cleanse with warm water. Cleansing with hot water damages your skin and cleansing with water too cold causes the pores to shrink and thus preventing the wash to penetrate and wash thoroughly.  


Wash Even If You Don’t Wear Makeup


Washing our skin with a gentle cleanser is a super important tip even if we don’t wear makeup. Excess oils and sebum produced during the day along with pollution from the environment have to be washed away if we crave a flawless glowy complexion.


Beautiful skin is awaiting!




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