Olympian doesn't stop pursuing her dreams despite injuries: National Athlete, Amanda Ng

Olympian doesn't stop pursuing her dreams despite injuries: National Athlete, Amanda Ng
“Keep going until you get it right.
And then, you keep going until you can’t get it wrong"

Amanda Ng

Welcome back to another #GlowfullyEmpowers Inspiring Series where we feature 5 local female figureheads through their stories, challenges and accomplishments to inspire fellow women and young ladies to break barriers and achieve their own success.

To kick off International Women’s Day, we are featuring Amanda Ng, Singapore’s National Athlete who has represented Singapore as a sailor in multiple Olympics and SEA games. As a National athlete, Amanda has accomplished many notable achievements while overcoming the challenges of balancing rigorous training with full-time work.

 (Amanda Ng at Tokyo Olympics 2020 for the Women’s Windsurfer RS:X )

1. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

Hey there, I am Amanda! I was a National Sailor and Windsurfer for 15 years (I first picked it up when I was 7). I have had the opportunity to train and compete all around the world, and have represented Singapore at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, 2018 Asian Games and 2016 Rio Olympics, as well as multiple SEA Games. Having gone through 15 years of striving to achieve the pinnacle of sailing success, I have learnt many valuable lessons on this journey filled with self-discovery and growth.

My priority has now shifted since recently becoming a new mum. I am still learning how to navigate motherhood and I am getting the opportunity to train my resilience and time management skills once again! But it has been an immensely fulfilling experience for me so far.

2. When you first started your career, did you imagine yourself being in this role? 

I used to dread going for training when my dad first signed me up for sailing lessons. I was small-sized and scrawny, and so was terrified of being out at sea alone, especially when the winds were strong and the waters were rough. I actually stopped sailing shortly after and only went back to it when I was slightly older, when I was around 11 years old. I would never have imagined myself REPRESENTING Singapore at the Olympic Games one day!

 3. What is an important piece of advice you wish to give to young women in their careers?

Every journey has its ups and downs - be disciplined, be resilient and persevere, and your victory will taste even sweeter when you eventually achieve what you set your sights on. And remember to have fun and enjoy the process!

4. How would your friends and people around you describe you?

Bubbly, disciplined, driven

5. With more opportunities being given to females, what do you think are the challenges that modern females are facing today?

Women are expected to excel in the opportunities given to them in their careers, yet be readily available in their roles as mothers and as wives too. I really admire career women who are able to juggle their careers and their families.

6. Using one word, what would you describe yourself as? (Determined, tenacious, creative)


7. Of these few shades, which do you feel represents yourself the most?

(Signature Rose, Celebrity Crush, S-Peach-Less, Warm Latte, Glazed)

(Amanda in 02 S-Peach-Less )

I love all the shades! If I had to pick one to represent me, I think it would be the S-Peach-Less. I see myself as someone who is flexible and able to adapt to different situations, and this shade is one that can be worn for all occasions - whether it is to a chill meet-up with friends, to work and even ON date nights. 

Against the Wind: Despite All Odds

During her Olympic RS:X qualifiers in Oman, Amanda suffered an injury when the medial collateral ligament in her left knee sustained a Grade 2 tear. However, her injury did not deter her from her training as she remained resolute and dedicated. During the following races, she showcased her expertise in navigating through wind and waves by skillfully manoeuvring with one leg and successfully executing moves necessary to take an early lead.

As we celebrate International Women's Day, Amanda Ng's story serves as a powerful reminder of the strength and determination that women possess. Despite facing a significant setback during her Olympic qualifiers, Amanda's resilience and dedication to her training allowed her to overcome her injury and showcase her skills on the water. She remains a role model for future and aspiring female athletes in Singapore, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles with resilience and determination.

Together at Glowfully, let's #EmbraceEquity and drive gender parity.

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International Women’s Day 2023 #GlowfullyEmpowers

International Women’s Day 2023 #GlowfullyEmpowers

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