From Passion Project to Prominent Fashion Brand: Ohvola Co-Founder, Lucinda Zhou

From Passion Project to Prominent Fashion Brand: Ohvola Co-Founder, Lucinda Zhou
"Never stop pursuing new opportunities.
Don’t doubt your own capabilities."
- Lucinda Zhou
As we celebrated International Women's Day on the 8th of March last Wednesday, here at Glowfully, we are dedicating the entire month of March to celebrate women and their achievements by highlighting their ongoing impact in various field. Let us acknowledge the challenges that still exist while committing to support and empower each other throughout the year. 
For this week's #GlowfullyEmpowers Inspiring Series, we have Lucinda Zhou, co-founder of OHVOLA. As a successful entrepreneur and a mother of 2 who has to juggle between pursuing her dream and family responsibilities, Lucinda's story resonates with many.
Lucinda (left), founded Ohvola with her sister, Jolene (right)
Lucinda's entrepreneurial journey began in 2007 when she and her sister Jolene started Ohvola as a blog shop selling clothes and accessories. They initially started the business as a side project while they were still in university, but it quickly gained popularity and demand for their products grew.
 As the business grew, it gives Lucinda immense satisfaction and she firmly believes that striking a balance in everything she does is crucial to her success. She appreciates the flexibility of setting her own goals and responsibilities, and despite the demanding nature of her job, finds it very rewarding.
Aside from the challenges of running a business, Lucinda also faces the demands of being a mother of two young children. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood and entrepreneurship can be a daunting task, but Lucinda has managed to find a way to make it work.
1. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m a mother of two young kids, they are Luella and Luca. I am also the co-founder of Ohvola, a women’s fashion label based in Singapore.


2. When you first started your career, did you imagine yourself being in this role?

It started out as a passion project but I have always enjoyed fashion.

3. What is an important piece of advice you wish to give to young women in their careers?

To never stop pursuing new opportunities. Don’t doubt your own capabilities. You’ll never know if things are gonna work out or not until you have tried.


4. How would your friends and people around you describe you?

Optimistic and hopeful


5. With more opportunities being given to females, what do you think are the challenges that modern females are facing today?

The challenge to defy social expectations. In addition, finding the right balance between work and family life.


6. Using one word, what would you describe yourself as?



7. Of these few shades, which do you feel represents yourself the most? (Shades: Signature Rose, Celebrity Crush, S-Peach-Less, Warm Latte, Glazed)

Celebrity Crush - I love it for that pop of colour and how it works well as a cheek tint too. In fact, I use Celebrity Crush and S-Peach-Less shades on a daily basis. The former in the morning and the latter for touch-ups.

Lucinda in 02 S-Peach-Less
Striking a Balance: The Art of Juggling
Balancing school and work was a significant challenge for Lucinda when she and her sister Jolene started Ohvola. In the early days, they took turns to man a physical pushcart while attending school. As Ohvola transitioned to an online platform, the sisters faced new challenges. They were sleep-deprived and struggled to concentrate in class as they had to manage logistics, emails, and website preparation at night while studying during the day.

As Ohvola gained traction, Lucinda started a blog to showcase her fashion designs through her daily outfits. However, working late into the night to keep up with the demands of the business took a toll on her health. Lucinda realized the importance of balancing her work and personal life, and she started to set working hours and allocate time specifically for drafting blog posts during the weekends. By taking things in her stride, Lucinda found a way to pursue her passion for fashion and entrepreneurship without compromising her well-being.
Despite facing numerous challenges as an entrepreneur and blogger, Lucinda has learned to manage her time and prioritize her health. This resilience and determination have served her well, not only in her professional life but also in her personal life. Today, Lucinda is a mother of two young children, and she continues to apply the same principles of work-life balance and perseverance in her role as a parent. Just as she juggled school and work in the early days of Ohvola, Lucinda now juggles the demands of motherhood with the demands of running a successful fashion label.
Through it all, Lucinda remains an inspiration to other women who aspire to pursue their passions and achieve their dreams, no matter the obstacles they may face.
Here at Glowfully, we believe that her story of juggling work and family responsibilities can resonate with many, and inspire us to pursue our own ambitions while still finding balance in our personal lives. 
Stay tuned for our next article on 20 March 2023, where we'll feature another inspiring woman who has overcome adversity and achieved her dreams. Remember to follow us on Instagram at @glowfullyskin and see you next Monday!

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