Up your glow game with our 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask & Skincare Infusion Device

Up your glow game with our 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask & Skincare Infusion Device

18 May 2022 - Ever wondered how Korean actresses achieve that naturally glowy and dewy skin? Here are ways to enhance your entire skincare routine with our latest product!

NEW 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask

Meet the latest member in our Glowfully range, the
7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask! Designed to rescue any skin emergencies, this new mask is formulated with natural yet powerful ingredients for an intensive brightening, calming and moisturising treatment. Proven by our consumer testers, this new mask is truly a game changer and your all-in-one fix within 7 days. Of course, your skin would love it more when used beyond 7 days!

Consumer Testing Results within 7 Days

So now that we have a new mask to rejuvenate troubled skin, how about taking one step further to make a real difference beneath your skin? 

Lucky for you, we are introducing another skincare buddy to bring your skincare routine to the next level: The Skincare Infusion 4-in-1 Treatment!

Hair Accessories & Skincare Infusion 4-in-1 Treatment LED Device (Worth $148)

With this perfect pair, our Skincare infusion 4-in-1 Treatment and our 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask, you’ll meet YOUR glowiest skin in no time! 


Developed with cutting-edge skincare technology, this skincare device is the new essential to upgrade your overall self-care experience. 

1. 3 beauty LED lights
We understand the pain when our skin undergoes various, unexpected problems at different seasons. But fret not! This skincare device has 3 beauty LED lights, with each tackling various skin concerns:

  • Red light: Stimulates the production of collagen to fade away fine lines and wrinkles while shrinking the pores size

Key Benefit: It gives an anti-ageing effect

  • Blue light: A long-term acne treatment by removing acne-causing bacteria, and regulates the production of sebum

Pro-tip: We love using this light around the chin area, a hormonal acne-prone spot

  • Green light: Brightens and evens out the skin tone to liven up hyperpigmented, dull skin

Key Benefit: Restores a youthful radiance

2. Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) Treatment
Feel your skin being lifted via its Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), which penetrates deep into the skin and activates vibration to seriously tighten the skin and regenerate new skin cells. By emitting microcurrents, it prevents anti-aging by stimulating the muscles and its a painless way for a natural lift. Don't worry it doesn't hurt! Most people describe it as a gentle, "zingy feeling". 

It is important to note that your hand has to be on the metal plate for the device to work! 

3. Warm Facial Massage
Indulge in a relaxing massage by turning on the EMS and warm mode to provide a skin-lifting effect! 

4. Deep Cleansing (Make up removal via cotton pad)

This mode effectively helps you to remove and melts makeup by penetrating into the pores to remove dirt and oil! Do use a thin cotton pad to ensure that the ring holds your cotton pad in place. 


Unsure how to use the device? Check out our short tutorial!

What's inside the box?


Skincare Infusion 4-in-1 Treatment LED Device

User Manual

USB Charging Wire


Limited Edition Gifts while stocks last 

 Limited Edition & Customised Gift with Purchases (Worth $187)

From now till 30 May, g
et this limited edition
Skincare Infusion 4-in-I Treatment when you purchase our new 7-Day Brightening Rescue Mask with a minimum spending of $450. Happy shopping and we can’t wait to see your glow, both in and out!

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