A Journey of Grit and Perseverance :Singer-Songwriter, Tay Kewei

A Journey of Grit and Perseverance :Singer-Songwriter, Tay Kewei
"Carve your own path, hustle hard and stay curious. The good, the bad, every moment, that's what makes life meaningful. "

- Tay Kewei

Welcome to the last episode of our #GlowfullyEmpower Inspiring Series and this week, we have Tay Kewei, a Singaporean singer-songwriter and a mother of 3.

Beginning her career as a backing vocalist for notable artists including David Tao, Wang Leehom, Amei, and JJ Lin, this multi-talented singer has also mesmerized her audiences by skillfully playing various instruments, such as the guitar, piano, and erhu, earning her the nickname "Angel of Harmony."

Apart from performing at various local and international events and shows such as the National Day Parade, Celebrate SG50 Countdown and the SEA Games 2015 etc., she has also held her highly anticipated full-fledged concert RE_BIRTH in March 2022 with Alfred Sim.

In today's world, women are breaking barriers and taking on leadership roles in every field. Kewei carved her path in the music industry with grit and determination, her journey is one of hard work, perseverance, and the ability to juggle career and motherhood. In this Q&A, we get a glimpse into her life, her challenges, and her advice for young women in their careers.

Kewei at the 25th Compass Awards where she won the 'Young Local Artist Of The Year'

1. Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
I'm a singer-songwriter-mama of 3 boys!
I kickstarted my career as a backing vocalist for world tours, singing for David Tao, Wang Leehom, Amei, JJ Lin. I've released easy listening and pop albums in English, Mandarin and Japanese, and represented Singapore on international stages, and I love how music has brought me around the world.

2. When you first started your career, did you imagine yourself being in this role?
I spent many years on my passion, my career, and only became a mum at 34. I never imagined I would have 3 boys! But now my life truly revolves around them.

3. What is an important piece of advice you wish to give to young women in their careers?
Carve your own path. I started touring in my final year of university (luckily I graduated successfully!), and in those non touring lull periods, I hustled hard - I cold called and wrote in to every performing venue as a newbie and auditioned. I started a live music company providing bands for weddings and events and called every hotel to ask if I could be involved in their wedding open house.
I didn't want to be a typical struggling musician, and eventually I was singing 5 regular nights a week at Wala Wala, Harry's and Indochine, and up to 4 weddings on weekends.
I was always curious, so I kept learning, keeping up to date with any social media platform that was useful for my career. I'm still a singer-songwriter, but now better known as a content creater!

4. How would your friends and people around you describe you?
Patient, loyal, chill

5. With more opportunities being given to females, what do you think are the challenges that modern females are facing today?
Juggling motherhood and career - it is an ongoing struggle for any woman trying to do both.

Feminists want equality in the workplace, but how can there be true equality when every working mum I know also takes care of the entire household- from planning family holidays, to kids enrichment classes, to meal planning, and everything else you can think of, on top of trying to manage their career, mental health, social life, fitness, and look good at the same time?

But we try, and sometimes all our balls are in the air, and sometimes all of them come crashing to the ground, but through all that, that's what life is all about. The good, the bad, every moment, that's what makes life meaningful.

6. Using one word, what would you describe yourself as?

7. Of these few shades, which do you feel represents yourself the most? (Signature Rose, Celebrity Crush, S-Peach-Less, Warm Latte, Glazed) 

Signature Rose.
I'm a Leo, so I love to be noticed, yet don't want to be too loud about it. Signature Rose is exactly the shade of red that makes me look put together, without having to try too hard!


The Journey of Grit and Perseverance

Kewei's story is a testament to the strength and resilience of women as she highlights the challenges that modern women face, particularly the struggle to balance career and motherhood. It is essential that we continue to push for true equality in the workplace and recognize the contributions that women make in all aspects of life. By supporting and empowering women, we can create a world where every woman has the opportunity to achieve her dreams and reach her full potential.


Throughout the month of March, we have been celebrating women and their achievements by showcasing their ongoing impact in various fields through a series of interviews with notable women in Singapore, including National Athlete Amanda Ng, Ohvola co-founder Lucinda Zhou, Y21 founder Jarenis Ho, singer-songwriter Tay Kewei, and our founder Charlene Sim.

As we approach the end of Women's Month and our #GlowfullyEmpowers Inspiring Series, let us recognize the challenges that still persist and recommit to supporting and empowering each other as always. We hope that you have enjoyed this series and thank you once again for following us on this journey with us. We wish that it has been a source of inspiration for women everywhere, and at Glowfully, we will continue to champion and uplift each other in all aspects of our lives.


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